The massage gun that will improve your muscle tone.

More than 80% of people suffer, at some point in their lives, muscular injuries that reduce their mobility and quality of life in equal parts. Although it is advisable to go periodically to a physiotherapist or masseuse, you may not always have the money, or the time, to do so. Does this mean that these people are condemned to endure pain for the rest of their lives?

The revolutionary Pro Massager massage gun

Imagine you have a massage gun with an ergonomic handle that can have you feeling like new in just 10 minutes. You’ll just need to apply it to the areas that bother you the most or after exercise to notice its benefits.

It is the quietest on the market, which also allows you the option to use it before sleep or while falling asleep. It is also ideal for warming up your muscles before any physical activity, to relax them afterwards, or simply to strengthen them. The possibilities are endless!

The best technology with maximum efficiency

The Pro Massager gun consists of four different heads. The circular motion is used on larger muscles. The fork-shaped one is designed to for the spine. The third, in the shape of a T, has a blunt tip and molds to any part of your body. And the last one simulates a finger to better reach trigger points and joints.

Once you choose the one best for you depending on the area of the pain, you can select the intensity (between 1 and 53 Hz) of the massage. The first option moves the head at 1800 RPM, the second at 2400, and the third at 3200.

Just under the head is an included infrared light that provides heat to the muscle to relax it more effectively. At the top there is an air inlet to ensure that the product does not overheat during use.

In the back area there is a panel with LED lights that indicate the speed of the massage and the remaining battery. This 2400 mAH battery is located in the handle, is lithium and can be recharged thanks to the corresponding connector located just above the on/off switch (at the base of the handle).

Main Advantages

  1. The effects of this massage gun are not only limited to the muscles, as they also influence the general functioning of the body. It improves oxygenation, balances the circulation, prevents the accumulation of lactic acid, and even breaks up the scar tissue improving muscle elasticity.

  2. The motor doesn’t have any brushes that could disrupt its power, allowing you to enjoy its intensity continuously. The three internal gears guarantee maximum reliability and provide safety. The ventilation system is essential to avoid short circuits caused by the use of the device for a long time. And thanks to its handle, it is possible to control the movements more easily and thus avoid irregular movements that could alter the quality of the massage.

  3. It is an ideal item for people with muscular problems as well as for professional athletes. Direct stimulation of the muscles is always recommended to speed up their recovery. By being able to select the head, it is easier to decide if you want a warm-up massage, one to relieve accumulated tension, or the most intense one for larger muscle groups.

  4. Its design is perfect for reaching any muscle more easily. The trapeziums, the sciatic nerve, and the back of the knees are three critical points that you can relax in a few minutes with great ease and without depending on anyone. In addition, you can fix the gun to a surface and place yourself in the most ideal position to receive the massage you need.

How can you buy it in United States?

You can place your order online through the official website in United States to be sent to your home.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

Pro Massager

The method of muscle recovery that is sweeping the world of fitness.